Planar Transmissions: segment of a trace 

GMT (UTC +0) 14:00-15:00 

15/06 - 23/06

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An index in the form of markings becomes a landscape that embodies and transmits a traceable memory. As wet pulp dries over the inscriptions, the exterior surface becomes a site that signifies the grain of place. 

The phonograph cartridge needle becomes a scribe that can manifest the past through a re-tracing, as it drags along the contours of the surface. The signal from the needle is broadcasted through an antenna, suspending embedded pulp into electromagnetic radio waves.  The transmission is then carried out through 453.6875 MHz, traveling past the ionosphere- escaping the last layer surrounding earth – and into space.  

The location of the broadcast was transcribed in binary code, allowing two states in form: an absence in a mark, and the existence of one. Both the gaps in between and the grooves became a signifier and an occupation of place. The symbols can be re-drawn by recreating the form on the ground, which was realized through a grid system format to divide the code.