I was deciding whether or not to post my experiment online, especially since the attack in Paris coincided with my plan- but I decided to move forward to see how things unfold. When the incident took place last night, I immediately saw the ripple effect of people’s reactions streaming through the platform on facebook. Colors of red, blue, and white began flooding through the web. 

When terror strikes, the power of fear has the ability to consume people worldwide, as people easily sympathize with pain. 

All of a sudden, one’s mind and personal space can be immediately obstructed by an event- but more so through media’s coverage of an event that took place in real life. 

It seems as if the representation of an event becomes a separate form, from what physically occurred. 

Over the next few days, I’ll be observing people’s responses to the safe ‘space’ I’ve created, which co-exists in the same space of fear and loss occupied by a recent tragedy.