LINA CHANG is an audio documentarian and sound artist whose work centers around oral histories, family archives, and collective memory. She is the founder of Pansori Sound Studio, which continues the Korean tradition of collaborative storytelling that emphasizes the musicality of the human voice. Producing documentaries, radio, podcasts, print publications, mixtapes, sound baths, and sound-based installations, Chang invites her collaborators to share their personal history to uncover lost or forgotten fragments of cultural inheritance and ancestry.

She has produced podcasts and radio features for the BBC World Service, iHeartMedia, and Sony and led the oral history project,  Our Streets, Our Stories at the Brooklyn Public Library. For the British Library, she supported The Making of Black Britain, an oral history project founded by British journalist and presenter, Diane Louise Jordan, where the project featured a diversity of voices based on the question of what it means to be British today. Back at NPR, she trained as a sound archivist among an amazing team of librarians, historians, software engineers and archivists.

Exhibitions & Audio Work 
2024   Undercover KABK, Prinsessegracht 4, 2514 AN, Den Haag, NL

2023   A Dad’s Loss and a Son’s Vision – Our LA Riots Film – BBC, London, UK
           Bradford 12: The Asian Youth Who Took on the Racists, Part 1 – BBC, London, UK
           Bradford 12: The Asian Youth Who Took on the Racists, Part 2 – BBC, London, UK
           Don’t Anger the Monster’, Part 1 – BBC, London, UK
           Don’t Anger the Monster’, Part 2 – BBC, London, UK
           Grandma and the great gold rush of Suriname BBC, London, UK
           Mia, Myself and I - The Secret I Kept Until 60 – BBC, London, UK
           My Secret Photos of South Korea’s Fight for Democracy  – BBC, London, UK

           Why Did My Mum Give Me Away? An Adoptee’s Quest for Answers – BBC, London, UK
           MIRP Conference (Meeting of Independent Radio Producers) - Leuven, Belgium
           The Making of Black Britain Oral History project for The British Library – London, UK 

2022   Radiophrenia Online at 87.9FM - Glasgow & London, UK

2021   Deliver Us From Ervil podcast (iHeartRadio) Associate Producer/Researcher, London, UK  

2020    Smithsonian Treasures Cities and Memory, Oxford UK
           Code Societies Showcase The School for Poetic Computation, NY
           Our Streets Our Stories Oral History Project The Brooklyn Public Library, NY   

2019   Technology and Social Good I House, NYC
           The Adventures of Audio Reformatting & Digitization NPR, Washington DC

2018    Chelsea Undergraduate Degree Show Chelsea College of Arts, London UK

2017    Translations Chelsea College of Arts,  London UK
           Alt The Old Police Station, London UK
           Cue 2 Cue Etcetera Theatre, London UK

2016    Territories Chelsea College of Arts, London UK                  
            Beginnings of Truth Punctum Gallery, London UK                  
            Open16 Live Night Peckham Platform, London UK 
           Meeting Point Myatt's Fields Park, London UK

2023   Foreign Objekt Residency Sound Laboratory - Online
2022   Kleio Collective Residency  Online - London, UK

2021   Digital Artist Residency  Online - London, UK  

2024   Asian American Journalists Association, Grant Recipient – US

2020  West Collection: Funds for Visual Artists, Grant Recipient – US
          Society of American Archivists, Grant Recipient – US  

2022   Knight Science Journalism Program Fact-Checking workshop,
           Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

2020   The School for Poetic Computation Code Societies, NY, US
2018   Chelsea College of Arts BA (Hons) Fine Art, London, UK 

- lina [at] pansorisound [dot] studio
- Ham radio call sign: M6OMU