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CV - Lina Chang

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Lina Chang is an artist and field recordist working with information stored and embedded in the form of traces. Through the process of pulp making and radio wave frequencies,
self-recording machines are created in which memory is carved and inscribed. The past is manifested through re-tracing the surfaces of grooves, where a non-physical experience is rematerialized. Recording mediums possess their own unique form of archiving the past through specific processing speeds while housed in various structures. Observing inscription as a record of time and space, she works with alternative forms of reading artefacts of the past through a presence and absence of information.

Exhibition & Screenings

Digital Artist Residency - Online - London, UK - TBA 

Smithsonian Treasures - Cities and Memory, Oxford UK
Code Societies Showcase - The School for Poetic Computation, NYC 

Technology and Social Good - I House, NYC 

Chelsea Undergraduate Degree Show - Chelsea College of Arts, London UK

Translations, Chelsea College of Arts,  London UK
Alt, The Old Police Station, London UK
Cue 2 Cue, Etcetera Theatre, London UK

Territories, Chelsea College of Arts, London UK Beginnings of Truth, Punctum Gallery, London UK Open16 Live Night, Peckham Platform, London UK 
Meeting Point, Myatt's Fields Park, London UK


2020 Code Societies - The School for Poetic Computation  
2018 Silverthorn Radio Club - Amateur Radio License, credited by OfCom
         & the Radio Society of Great Britain

2018 Chelsea College of Arts - BA (Hons) Fine Art  
2013 Pratt Institute - BFA/ Foundation


linachangstudio [at] gmail [dot] com 
ham radio call sign: M6OMU